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2012-08-16 09:50:32

Update for Singho's New Facility

10/23/11 With a long time for Planning and Designing, the Aerial View of Singho's New Falicity is figured out. Please see as following:

10/30/11 Geologic Prospecting began and was estimated to be finished in a day. Singho's new facility includes two machining shops, one investment casting shop, one office building, one dormitory for workers and other places like entertainment center, parking lot, bath center etc.. But the machining shop has the priority to start construction. We supply the spare parts for Oilfield Drillng, for example Drill Pipe Float Valve Parts such as Valve Cage, Valve Guide, Plunger Valve, Flapper Valve, Seal Disc, Baffle Plate, Seal Retaining Ring etc. Centrifugal Pump Parts such as Frame, Casing, Stuffing Box Cover, Bearing Cover, Bearing Housing etc/Mud Pump Parts such as Piston/Valve Parts such as Valve Body, Gate, Inserts, Locating Ring, Stem, Stem Housing, Stem Cap, Handles etc/Drilling Equipment Parts such as Safety Clamp Screw, Safety Clamp Nut, Slip Handle, Latch Lock, Spider Bushing, Insert Bowl etc.

2/29/12 Working Skecth for Office Building

03/27/12 The construction for Singho's new facility started today.
Ground Breaking Ceremony for Singho's new facility is below:

05/18/12 Under construction.....


Singho's new facility covers an area of about 23,345 square meters. With the new facility, Singho has strong confidence to offer the service for oil & gas industries all over the world.

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