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Drill Pipe Baffle Plate
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  • Drill Pipe Baffle Plate
    Ring Type Baffle Plate
    Investment Casting
    Baffle Plates are machined by NC Machine
    Baffle Plates include Ring Type and Spider Type.
    Heat Treatment:Black Oxidate
    Dimensions and tolerances per ANSI Y14.5-82

    Baffle Plates are installed on top of the Drill Pipe Float Valve as a landing tool for records, thus preventing the recorder from entering the Drill Pipe Float Valve and possibly the drill bit.

    We make a complete line of Float Valves and Repair Kits to accommodate a wide range of drilling situations and operating conditions.

    Spare Parts for Model G Type Drill Pipe Float Valve include: 1.Small Bumper 2.Spring 3.Pin 4.Large Bumper 5.Shock Absorber 6.Seal Retainer 7.Flapper Valve 8.Seal 9.Side Seal 10.Cage

    Spare Parts for Model F Type Drill Pipe Float Valve include: 1.Valve Seal Disc 2.Plunger 3.Side Seal 4.Valve Seal 5.Guide 6.Spring 7.Cage

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