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  • Cast Latch Lock
    Latch Lock Machining Elevators
    1)Material:Ductile Iron
    2)Process:Sand Casting
    3)Anti-rust Oil Spraying

    We make the spare parts for Oil Field Drilling Equipment. Handles are for several kinds of slips, like Drill Collar Slip, Rotary Slip, Drill Pipe Slip, Casing Slips ect. Other Oil Field Tools  we make include Screw Stem for Type"T"&"C"Safety Clamp, Tubing Slip Hanlde for Tubing Spiders, Insert for Safety Clamp both type"T"&"C",  Renewable Liner for Drill Collar Slip, Latch Link, Screw Nut, Nut Wrench, Torque Block for  Rotary Slip, Clamp Lifting Clevis for Type "C" Safety Clamp, End Link(Pivot Block) for type "T" Safety Clamp ect.

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