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Rubber Coated Safety Flex Handle
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  • Rubber Coated Safety Flex Handle
    1.Rotary Slips
    2.Material:Carbon Steel
    3.Process:Investment Casting
    4.Nitrile Rubber coated


    Rotary Slip Handles
    Singho Slip Safety Flex Handles have two types. One is with weldment, the other one is no weldment. Both include investment casting handles with thumb guards and mating ends. They're connected by a high strength cable which is coverd with nitrile rubber to prevent corrosion.


    *An elastor section that allows the handle to bend, but recover its original shape.
    *Prevent persional injury caused by twisted or bent handles.
    *Thumb guards design dan reduce the back injury
     *Reduces or eliminates bent and broken handles
    Slip Handles are used in drilling rig for lift drill pipe in oilwell drilling and well servicing operation

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