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Oilfield Drilling Pump Housing
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  • Oilfield Drilling Pump Housing
    1)Ductile Cast Iron 
    2)Sand Casting and CNC Machining

    Centrifugal Pump Housing
    Oil Drilling Pumps Parts.
    Material: Ductile Cast Iron
    Process: Sand Casting,then CNC Machining
    Hydro-test be made for each piece before packing.
    Painting and epoxy can be made
    Dimensions and tolerances per ANSI Y14.5-82

    We make many parts for pumps, these parts include Pump Housing/Casing, Pump Frame, Bearing Housing, Bearing Cover, Impeller, Flange, Stuffing Box Cover/Feat, Wear Plate,Shaft etc.

    Casing  2X3R11         1.1CP(Centrifugal Pump)
    Casing  1 1/2X2R11  1.1CP
    Casing  1X1-1/2C11  1.1CP
    Casing  4X5RX12       1.8CP
    Casing  5X6RX12       1.8CP
    Casing  3X4RX13       1.8CP
    Casing  2X3RX13       1.8CP
    Casing  6x8RX13        1.8CP
    Casing  6X5X14           2.5CP
    Casing  3X2X13           2.5CP
    Casing  4X3X13           2.5CP
    Casing  5X4X14           2.5CP
    Casing  6X5X11           2.5CP
    Casing  8X6X11           2.5CP
    Casing  8X6X14           2.5CP
    Frame for 1.1CP/1.8CP/2.5CP/1-1/8CP
    Wear Pad, casing, 5X4X14, 2.5 Centrifugal Pump
    Wear Plate, stuffing box cover-packed 1.8 Centrifugal Pump
    Impeller 5X6RX12 1.8 Centrifugal Pump
    Housing, outboard bearing, 2.5 Centrifugal Pump
    Cover, outboard bearing, 2.5 Centrifugal Pump
    Stand, motor 2.5Vertical Centrifugal Pump
    Adapter, flange-special 2.5 Vertical Centrifugal Pump
    Shaft, 2500DIA Centrifugal Pump

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